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Cayla the Doll

So what toys are REALLY hot for Christmas 2015?

Yep that’s right, once again we’ve got the low down on all the hot toys that kids want this year and we’ve updated the site ready for the 2015 Christmas shopping season.

The hot top toys for Christmas this year is more hi-tech than ever with state-of-the-art technology dominating the top 10 list so parents need to get savvy with the tech this year.

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Here's the top Christmas toys list for this year:

Interactive Tracy Island

With interactivity and stimulation being a major player when it comes to the toys this year, this interactive Tracy island, features smart technology and is at the top of the list. It has flashing lights, sound effects, and vehicles that launch from it with the touch of a button, so kids everywhere can create their own story. It is all based on the popular show, “Thunderbirds are Go!” and with it, kids can recreate actual launch sequences from the show. However, vehicles are not included within this play set.

tracy island toy

The Once Upon A Time Princess Peppa

Peppa Pig, who is very popular among toddlers, is back this year, in the form of this Princess Peppa toy. When your little one holds her hands, Peppa will sing “Ring a Ring a Roses”, so that toddlers can have a toy that actively responds to them as well.

Minions Tumbling Stuart

The Minions Tumbling Stewart is one of the hottest toys this year. Featuring the cheeky Minions’ trademark grin - Stuart is a must for ages four and up and is guaranteed to provide hours of enjoyment for your kids.

Minions Stuart image

The I-Que Intelligent Robot

Staying true to the robotic theme of this year’s big sellers, you have the Intelligent Robot by I-Que. It uses speech to text technology to entertain your kids while it “thinks” and speaks to them. This robot can tell jokes, create sound effects, and quiz your child by playing trivia type games.

I Que Robot Toy

The Little Live Pets Clever Keet

The Clever Keet bird toy is designed to look like a true to life parrot. The things it can do is limited only by what your child wants to teach it to do. It can swing on its perch, talk to your child, and sing. He will even be able to drive his own cart.

Kinetic Sand

All kids love Play Doh, but most parents do not. It tends to stick to other areas and end up ground into carpets. Kinetic Sand is the better alternative for most people. Children can shape anything they want to with it, much the same as Play Doh, but when they finish playing, cleanup is a breeze. It does not stick to anything, but itself.

The Skate & Sing Elsa

All things “Frozen” were popular selling items last year and this year the same holds true. This year though, rather than the Elsa Snow Glow doll, kids will want the Skate & Sing Elsa. It is a remote control Elsa robotic doll that spins and glides around while singing the song, “Let It Go”. It is guaranteed to delight little girls and drive parents loopy. What more could your child want?

Elsa skate and sing

3D Maker

Who doesn’t love 3D things? Now, with this Magic 3D Maker, every child can create masterpieces from scratch. All that is required of them is the UV Creation Station, gel pens, and a little bit of imagination. Creativity is also a bonus.

3D Magic image

My Friend Freddy

The My Friend Freddy Bear is a smarter type of teddy bear. It is soft and cuddly, but comes to life when linked to either an iOS or Android device. This means parents can teach the bear their child’s name, the things they like and dislike, or other things using the apps and children will have an instant best bear buddy.

The Shopkins Scoops Ice Cream Truck Play Set

Every child loves ice cream and all things to do with it. This Shopkins Scoop play set is an ice cream van, which will allow them to set up a picnic area with a table and umbrella. There are also a lot of other accessories with in the truck play set to make your child’s imagination soar.

ice cream toy set

The Leappad Platinum

Leapfrog is known for creating helpful learning devices and the Leappad Platinum is no exception. It has parental controls for parents, a camera on the front and back for selfies, music and games for kids to enjoy, and more. Best of all, it has a very quick processor, a sleek design, and works via your Wi-Fi network.

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